New addition to the family…

I don’t want a dog. I have nothing against dogs. They are great… for someone else. Geri wants a dog. Sam really wants a dog. They have a choice, a dog or me. I don’t know what happened. Geri received an email about a litter of vizsla rescues, read me the wiki entry about the breed, gave me sad eyes and in a regrettable moment of weakness I acquiesced.

We picked up Hoshi last night. She is adorable! We are all smitten!

Does 2 cats and a dog constitute a small zoo? How do things like this happen?

Sam and his puppy. One happy teenager.

Hoshi’s siblings

Man’s best friend.

The adoption is complete! fashion, photographer, photograph, photography, campaign, adverstising, models, beauty, celebrity, cover, makeup, hair, lookbook, swimwear, skiwear, men, women, bathing suits, portrait, lingerie, NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, photography 


7 Responses to “New addition to the family…”

  1. wow i love dogs too! i have a new one and shes’s “Pamu”
    I’m a dogLover, each and every year we’re having puppies but a lot of neighbors are coming and they actually adopted them.

  2. There is NOTHING better than adding a dog to your life…
    Your amazing adventure has just begun…
    You have now completed your family!
    You will now play, “Watch the dog”, just as you used to play, “Watch
    the baby”…
    Dogs are the BEST!

  3. Welcome to the vizsla world! Hope you and your family greatly enjoy your puppy. If any dog could make you a dog lover, it will be a vizsla (I’m only slightly biased ;-)).

    • She is a very good puppy…. except when we try to go to sleep at night.

      • Not crying at night will partially just take time. Are you crating her? She may need to be a little older for this, but the Crate Games DVD by Susan Garrett is an awesome way to teach self-control while making the crate a fun place to be.

  4. Yes, we are crating her. She hates to be alone! I will look at the dvd.

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