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Marcus Samuelsson

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From the archives. I photographed chef Marcus Samuelsson for the NY Times. I must confess I have never dined at one of his establishments. I can attest that he is a genuinely nice guy.

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Shooting food today…

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Look good enough to eat?  I had the greek yogurt parfait for lunch… tasted great and healthy too!



Sunday night paella

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My 15 year old son Sam has been making dinner every Sunday night.  Last night was his first attempt at making paella.

He had some help, but not very much!  His favorite part is watching his old man scrub the pots!

It tasted just as good as it looks!

Adding saffron:



Photos from Coney Island…

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BBQ in Boynton, cousins

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Mike and Steve in Greenport.

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What a stressful week.  A weekend with two h.s. friends on the North Fork of Long Island put it all in perspective.

Mike greets us with Buffalo shrimp salad, vodka, beer and wine.

The troubadour.

Eggs and Advil are my friend.

Mike informed the barber “At the hardware store down the block your nickname is Choppy.”

The thought never crossed my mind.

Mike and Steve.

Nutella and peanut butter, a winning combination.