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American Boy with Allan Houston

Posted in Advertising, Behind the scenes, Diary, Fashion, Knicks, lighting, NBA, People I like, Photography, Portrait, Self-portrait, Work with tags , , , on May 21, 2012 by erichason

Client Vaughn Jereaux nailed it with his new line of “American Boy” cardigan collection.

Beautiful design and construction has caught the attention of one of my all time favorite NY Knick
Allan Houston (current Asst GM of the team). Allan is helping back the project and stopped by the shoot to support Vaughn and model a few
looks as well.

Of course I put the camera on self-timer and shot a photo of Allan and myself. Allan is a warm, gracious person.
It was a pleasure meeting and working with him.

I am looking forward to the official launch and look forward to shooting the campaign! fashion, photographer, photograph, collection, photography, campaign, adverstising, art, models,lifestyle, e-commerce, couture, ecommerce, beauty, celebrity, cover, makeup, hair, lookbook, swimwear, linesheet, men, women, cardigan, sweater, line sheet, glasses, Major, Ford, Fusion, skiwear, men, women, bathing suits, spa, Miami, Florida, Aventura, Hershey,portrait, lingerie, NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, photography, t-shirt, tshirt, tee shirt, shoes, jewelry