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Testing for LIM styling students

Posted in Advertising, Beauty, Behind the scenes, Diary, Fashion, Foibles, lighting, makeup, People I like, Photography, Portrait, Self-portrait, workshop with tags , , , , , on July 20, 2012 by erichason

Back from vacation in Germany visiting close friends. I have been really busy shooting catalog for women’s wear, swim, children’s swim, and eyeglass clients.

Yesterday I spent the day working for LIM College.  I hosted  photoshoots at my studio for two styling classes.  Yesterday I had 4 models and 7 groups of students, each group shooting 3 or 4 looks.  I really enjoy shooting these tests.  The students are really enthusiastic and everybody has a great time.

In the middle of the morning session I came down with a stomach bug… I will spare you the ugly details.  Much to my amazement (and the crew) I rallied for the afternoon session and was back to my playful self.

Here is a photo of beautiful Gina (Julia Roberts, right?) with Red.  She has only been modeling for 2 months but worked like a seasoned pro!  Also some photos of the students and myself channeling our inner Gina, and my assistant Bin taking video of Gina on her i-phone. fashion, photographer, photograph, collection, photography, campaign, adverstising, art, models,lifestyle, e-commerce, couture, ecommerce, beauty, celebrity, cover, makeup, hair, lookbook, catalog, swimwear, t-shirt, salon, swimwear, linesheet, men, women, cardigan, sweater, line sheet, glasses, Major, Ford, Fusion, skiwear, men, NBA, women, bathing suits, spa, Miami, Florida, Aventura, New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hershey,portrait, lingerie, NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, photography, Muse, Avant Garde, t-shirt, tshirt, tee shirt, shoes, Japan, Tokyo,jewelry, BF7XVE9M4D4M