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New addition to the family…

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I don’t want a dog. I have nothing against dogs. They are great… for someone else. Geri wants a dog. Sam really wants a dog. They have a choice, a dog or me. I don’t know what happened. Geri received an email about a litter of vizsla rescues, read me the wiki entry about the breed, gave me sad eyes and in a regrettable moment of weakness I acquiesced.

We picked up Hoshi last night. She is adorable! We are all smitten!

Does 2 cats and a dog constitute a small zoo? How do things like this happen?

Sam and his puppy. One happy teenager.

Hoshi’s siblings

Man’s best friend.

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Flashes of Hope

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The first time I volunteered for Flashes of Hope I photographed patients and their families at NYU Medical Center’s Pediatric

Cancer Center.  Yesterday I drove out to Sunrise Day Camp on Long Island and photographed the kids at summer camp.  Amazing kids, amazing counselors, amazing organization.

Here are some photos….

When I asked the camper what was his favorite thing about camp, without a moment’s hesitation he replied “Cory” (his counselor).