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Ivy Higa – Project Runway Allstars!

Posted in Beauty, Comings and goings, Diary, Fashion, Photography, Work with tags , , , on September 28, 2012 by erichason

I am so pleased that my close friend and client Ivy Higa will be a contestant on Project Runway Allstars Season 2!

Ivy is a wonderful person with incredible talent.

Wishing her success on the show and with her collection!

Take a look at our photos on her site!

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Ivy and I

Posted in Behind the scenes, Comings and goings, Diary, People I like, Photography, Portrait, Self-portrait, Work with tags , , , , on February 16, 2011 by erichason

My dear friend and client Ivy Higa after photographing the linesheet/lookbook  for  her Fall 2011 collection.

You can see her work on her website