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Prom catalog – Nika Kapoor

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Friday we shot 105 dresses in 8.5 hours (3 models). I have no idea how we did it, but we did. That comes to a dress every 4.85 minutes. That must be some kind of Olympic record.

Best of all we were smiling the whole way through!

Vincent steaming dress number 72

Getting the dresses in order

Hiro in action!

Stylist Cliff Hoppus knows how to clamp!

Ivanka (Fentonmoon) looks beautiful. I asked her to be my date to my prom, she respectfully declined. fashion, photographer, photograph, collection, Prom, Fentonmoon, photography, campaign, adverstising, art, models,lifestyle, e-commerce, couture, ecommerce, beauty, celebrity, cover, makeup, hair, lookbook, catalog, swimwear, t-shirt, salon, swimwear, linesheet, men, women, cardigan, sweater, line sheet, glasses, Major, Ford, Fusion, skiwear, men, NBA, women, bathing suits, spa, Miami, gowns, Florida, Aventura, New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hershey,portrait, lingerie, NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, photography, Muse, Avant Garde, t-shirt, tshirt, tee shirt, shoes, Japan, Tokyo,jewelry, BF7XVE9M4D4M


New fashion editorial – Janina Gavankar – Aventura Magazine

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I am excited to share a new fashion editorial published in the current issue of Aventura Magazine featuring Janina Gavankar (Luna Gazar of True Blood).  Stylist Jason Rembert brought the sick clothing!  I love photographing actors and celebrities.  Janina is a sweetheart and knows how to make a photographer look good!