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A day of hair

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I was hired to photograph for a hair styling workshop.  All participants flew in from Japan to train with top stylist Michio Shiramizu.  Tuesday we had a model casting and selected 6 beautiful models from Major, MC2 and Fentonmoon.  The workshop took place the headquarters of Milbon USA located in the heart of Soho.  The objective was to shoot in the street but the weather report was ominous.  I set up studio equipment as a back up.

None of the students spoke English, the models and I don’t speak Japanese.  Charades was the lingua-franca.  Smile needs no translation.

Thanks to makeup artist Hiro Yonemoto and fashion stylist Clifford Wray.



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I am thrilled to be teaching a workshop at Unique Photo superstore in Fairfield NJ:
“Understanding Strobes in Fashion Photography”

When first starting out in photography I bought used strobes from a friend.  They sat in the case for 4 months because I was afraid to use them.  I love photography.  I love to mentor.  I want to take the mystery out of lighting and help the students feel comfortable using lights.

The made a really nice web page for the workshop!