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Mayor’s Cup

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NYC high school and middle school championship tournament held at the Harlem Armory.

Fifteen mats and lots of waiting for your turn.

My focus is on the William Alexander Middle School Generals, although the high school matches were outstanding.

Please note Sam surreptitiously giving me the finger.  I photoshopped it to a stump before distributing it to the other parents.

Before the tournament commenced, basic training at the Marine recruiting table.  I want to hear the adolescents tell the drill sergeant they are not doing homework.

Three generations of Slade…

Wounded warrior.

Adam and Geri make such a handsome couple.

Sam and Coach Streko

Detail of the photo I cropped out before emailing it to the coach.

Do we detect a theme?

Austin’s pin for the NYC Middle School 95 lb  division championship.

His dad is quick to point out there were only 3 entries and one of them was a girl.  I replied there are no asterisks or parenthesis in the record book;  Austin won his division and possibly had his greatest athletic accomplishment at the age of 12.

Sam shooting against a very tough opponent, wrestling up a weight class; 136 lbs.

We hope Sam gets into Midwood or Beacon HS so he can continue wrestling next season.


Randolph HS Qualifier

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Saturday January 23, NYC wrestling, a tournament to qualify for next week’s Mayor’s Cup.

Coach Strecko with Jacob and Sam, both qualifying for the Cup.

Beat the Streets is a not-for-profit that sponsors wrestling programs in NYC public schools.

School budgets are being slashed without mercy.  If it were not for Beat the Streets and coaches

donating their time schools would not have the resources to field teams.  The sport is an incredible outlet

for the kids teaching discipline, respect, and camaraderie focusing energy into a positive outlet.

These men and women are making a significant difference in the lives of our children.