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Not Beauty or Fashion photography but…

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When the worlds greatest dentist

asks you to take photos for his website, you put fashion, beauty, and everything else on hold and head to the Bronx.

Dr. Robert Steinberger, East Tremont Dental, has been my dentist for longer than I care to admit. Throggs Neck is not exactly convenient to my home in Brooklyn, but he is well worth the trip. I have recommended him to friends and family in Manhattan, Connecticut and New Jersey who faithfully flock to the Boogie Down for their bi-annual checkups. He is that good! Dr. Steinberger originally hails from Brooklyn and has never forgotten his roots. He is honest, caring, smart, and has mad dental skillz. In the unlikely event that I ever move to Alaska, I will still have my teeth cleaned just north of the Whitestone Bridge.

Here are a few photographs I shot of the Doc, not fashion photography, but a thing of beauty.

Looking forward to seeing them up on his website!



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Video feature on Glamour Spain’s blog!

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A behind the scenes video of a beautiful campaign shoot I did for client Plomo Shoes is now featured on Glamour Spain’s blog. Very exciting! fashion, photographer, photograph, collection, photography, campaign, adverstising, models, e-commerce, couture, ecommerce, beauty, celebrity, cover, makeup, hair, lookbook, swimwear, skiwear, men, women, bathing suits, spa, Hershey,portrait, lingerie, NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, photography, t-shirt, tshirt, tee shirt, shoes, jewelry